Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Heeey, its been forever I wrote, life after uni hasn’t been as sweet as I thought!! I feel so old because I don’t have time for stuffs like before, here’s a short hint of my typical day. I wake up, go to work, get off work, eat and sleep, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, it sucks!! Saturday laundry, cleaning my house, and sleeping, Sunday I’m sad the weekend is over! Yp that’s pretty much my week!!!!
But I decided it shouldn’t stop me from writing at least once a week, hence this post!!

What yall been up to????????

I wanna shave my hair..amber rose style..lool  

What’s with SOME Nigerian men/guys  and spending ??????????? Like their character be shitty but they think all they need to do is shower you with gifts and POW love is there…..don't get me wrong.. I LOVE ME SOME GIFTS  but c’mon......nvm

I think I met my future husband the other day, just waiting for him to say hi.. ^_^

You know how everyone has that one amazing talent and everybody is like, *Damn, she can sing, he can dance, he can swim, I'm yet to find mine..  like yh I can dance bt im far from the best, im beginning to think its solving mathematical problem and the likes..that isn’t even a talent?? Is it?? Nahh I don’t want that…I know I have one super talent, I just gotta dig deeper!

Oh and ladies LEGGINGS is not equal to jean and will never be equal to JEAN,,pls stop it already!!! :|

A lot of people say twitter isn’t that serious, some say I am not my tweet, some call themselves twitter celeb, some hate on those that call themselves twitter celeb, some put their dirty *pata* for the world to see, a lot of betrayal, a lot of fighting, a lot of famzing, I can go on and on..but you wanna know what I say??????????? ITS FUCKING TWITTER TWEET WHATEVER THE FUCK YOU WANNA TWEET!!!!!! Twitter won’t be twitter without all these..

*group hug*????? NO??? lool ok
Pls pls drop your comments on anything


akinz716 said...

Congratulations on your blogspot.. dont worry im always by your side whatever you decide to lay your hands onto... i love the cool background tho; and the post is supper-mature!!!

The Duchess said...

LOL Nikky hilarious post!!! yes you should blog more often and i can totally relate with the no talent ish :( same day, one day.