Sunday, December 11, 2011


HMMMMMMM...i don't really know where to start from..but 3weeks in camp was definitely an experience i will never forget. The fact that we had to be on white and white daily. i wonder who picked out the outfit for the orientation course. here is what i look like on my outfit :D

oh yh, meet Shade, always with her khaki jacket...and obviously my pretty self....loool

We have to wake up like 4 to start getting ready for the day, by 5am we out and ready to start the day.
i am not gonna bore y'all with the boring shit we get to do daily.
i am just gonna upload pictures and explain.
ready for my man o war activities :)

trust me this shit is highhhhhhh and my butt look cute yh???

2ND step was to get on the rope...i was forming *am capable* meanwhile i was shitting in my head!!
                                                            it got a bit better

they clapping for me..i was a STAR in that camp..lool.local champion..hehehe  *SOUPORSTAR*

this was the only thing i could do..the rest were scary and i couldnt be bothered. did i mention i was the first girl to do this and the second brave like that....looool..........not friends called me lazy for doing just one..
a view of what some of the others look like
 isn't it quite scary?? I am not ready to break my tiny legs..i mean SEXY legs
                                                     my sexy lil

my nysc TUNMIKE...oh and shes forming *art* with the background and modeling *things ANTM taught her*
and she will definitely kill me for uploading this..i think its CUTE
my awesome self, my lovely TUNMIKE....................and Augusta...
our jungle boots...
last day in camp....waiting fr the governor...
i wanna well thats all i cn give you guys for nw..
my last picture..i felt like a professional after taking this picture..its actually my best
and thats a WRAP BITCHES
:*  :*  :*