Friday, October 7, 2011

A lil introduction

I’m not gonna start listing my likes and dislikes and hobbies and all that shit. I’m just gonna type and let it flow. Personally I don’t see myself writing for the world to read, I prefer to write my shit in a little book and keep it under my pillow. I was motivated to start blogging after reading my little sisters blog tonight. That girl is so smart. Ok back to MEE my elder sister says am vain, maybe am a little vain, maybe I have a million pictures of myself but then again maybe am just a jobless lady. I recently finished uni or maybe not recently it’s about four months lol yh that shit is amazing to say it loud I AM A GRADUATE B-) and people look at me and they like what?? I look young you think I just got into my friends words *who has this child* but don’t let those looks deceive you. I will call myself tiny but if am tiny what’s my lil sister?? And yh I thank God for my boobs too,,I love my fucking breast. I never paid attention to them till mid last year and now all i wanna do is get the perfect dress and front those cleavage. My ass on the other hand is not mighty but we thank God its not flat either. Am sure this are not the shit people blog about but like I said am new at this shit. My friend says I love book and school but only if he knew how I hated that shit but the hatred doesn’t stop me from getting an A, What most of my friends don’t get is I’ll rather study and get an A so i get to shop more with whatever discounts the school gives me for my performance. A lil effort and I get new shoes so why not?? yh I curse a lot..bad habit..

I’ll love your ideas and comments and at the same time won’t mind some new friends too..

Have a nice day yall til I blog again..

Thanks for reading.


Tosin said...

LOL, how bored are you Titi? and i'm smart! Awww why thank you! :D

BadtGuyz said...
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Unknown said...

So, I kinda really really reacted to the booby part!!! I'm glad that I didn't read this in

Anywaix, nice write up! It wasn't unnessacily long and boring.... I really enjoyed it and hope to read more from you :*

nikky tee said...

@Tosin am not learning how to blog..gotta start somewhere
@unknown my aim was not to make you react..and am glad you enjoyed reading it..thanks..